Criminal Psychologist vs Forensic Psychologist

Criminal Psychologist vs Forensic Psychologist

Solving the crimes and to assist professional of law enforcement in investigation is the common thing in both forensic and criminal psychology. There are complementary as well as different roles of psychologist in both of these fields.

To create perpetrator’s profile for determining the motive is one of the major duties of a criminal psychologist. To counsel with victims and evaluate a suspect’s mental state is the field of specialization of the forensic psychologists. There are some differences in the specializations of criminal psychologists and forensic psychologists los angeles.

Working with law-enforcement officers, consultants and law enforcement professionals and working with police officers are the works of the criminal psychologists. Working with attorneys, witnesses, victims and offenders is necessary for the forensic psychologists. Some of the forensic psychologists work with same patients. However, some of them face new patients on regular basis.

The forensic psychologist los angeles are quite popular among the different countries of the world. Working in the law enforcement agencies and police departments are included in the duties of a criminal psychologist. The counseling services, anger management and therapy are used to help rehabilitate offenders by the forensic psychologists.

If a suspect is competent to stand trial, they perform mental evaluations for determination. The victims and witnesses are interviewed in the criminal cases. The criminal psychologists use other legal facilities by working at police departments. The crimes against children and women especially in sensitive cases are discussed in the criminal psychology. The forensic psychologists los angeles conduct research and teach in many universities, colleges and government agencies. The advanced way of treating patients is used by a forensic psychologist. They never contact directly with the victims, witnesses, criminals and patients. In this way, they can be differentiated with the criminal psychologists.

The major difference between forensic and criminal psychologist is to deal directly with the victims or criminals. The job of a criminal psychologist is considered as more threatening as compared to a forensic psychologist los angeles. When you decide to go for a career of criminal psychologist, you must be capable to face any situation.

The fearless people are highly considered in the field of criminal psychology. Any professional of criminal psychology must be able to deal with all kinds of criminals. In this way, they can conduct a good interview of any criminal for investigation purposes. All of these discussed points show the difference between a criminal and forensic psychologist.

What is a Forensic Psychologist?

Education Criteria To Become A Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychologists work in legal systems. They usually help physicians and courts in determining the competency for trial, mental state and fair sentencing and other aspects. This is sensitive as well as highly responsible work. That is why for such a job the qualifications and requirements are quite high, the least being a Master’s degree in psychology. This would be sufficient to make you eligible for many job offers. However for ensuring you actually get a job as a forensic psychologist, a Ph.D. or Psy.D (Doctorate in psychology) is highly recommended. This greatly increases employment and salary opportunities.

Another essential component for practicing as a forensic psychologist is a license. A license is obtained by taking exams through the state licensing board of every state. In the USA it is done under the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) in which it recognizes psychologists as specialists and offers certification examination.

Forensic Psychologist 1

Apart from these to become a successful forensic psychologist having a minor degree/diploma in law would be very helpful. Few of the forensic psychologists have two doctorate, one in psychologists and one in law. Because forensic psychology is a health practice within the legal system and law, some jobs require varying levels of law studies. This is comparatively a new criteria and people aiming to become a forensic psychologist should participate in different legal education programs throughout their careers.

In the start however, a bachelor’s degree in psychology or related area needs to be earned. An accredited institution should always be chosen for this. A doctoral program can be completed after this. Completing doctoral work can take up to four years of graduate coursework. An internship is also required to be completed before graduation.

The license law differs in every state as stated by U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most states however require the forensic psychologists to be licensed. The licensing requirements include a verified doctoral degree, a completed internship and up to two years of professional working the field along with a passed exam of professional practice in psychology.

After completing all this an individual is usually ready to start a successful career in the forensic psychology. Higher degrees and excessive experience can however be continued to be pursued. After this there are always options to get involved in going on research works and working with different assessment studies as a group. Forensic psychologists working in the beginning can also work on training and education basis with different government organizations to gain experience on relatively low wages.

Visiting The Dentist While Pregnant

No matter at which part of life you are, you must keep yourself smart and healthy. To keep oneself healthy and totally fit, it’s not just the bones, eyes, hair and muscles but your teeth also plays a vital role in this scenario. So what to do in this regard? The answer is simply to visit any coral gable dentist and stay healthy.


Pregnancy is the situation where the female is in the stage of having a baby being developed in her womb. This is very crucial stage when the future mother has to be really careful about visiting list of doctors. In this list, one of the most important could be the dentist especially the dentist in coral gable, Florida.

If the pregnant women won’t visit the dentist at proper time, it can prove to be harmful for the developing baby. It is usually observed that pregnant woman don’t care about brushing their teeth. These bacteria in the mouth could affect the baby’s development in an adverse manner.

Probably this could lead to improper building up of baby causing some deficiency. If you are worrying about your child, then do brush regularly even during pregnancy plus you must visit Coral Gables cosmetic dentist.

pregnant 1

Whenever a woman is in pregnancy, many of her relatives and friends would come to meet and look after her. Many of them would spend hours while talking with the lady who is about to give birth to an infant.

If pregnant lady won’t brush, the smell from her mouth could prove to be challenging for the guests to endure. Even if you are not in the condition to brush your teeth still you should visit any of the dentists in coral gable to undergo teeth cleaning process.

Coral Gables dentistry enables all the dentists in Florida to become experts in this challenging field. They are given proper education about how to deal pregnant women with care and suggest them solid remedies to keep their teeth healthy enough. Moreover, avoiding dentist can lead to several swerve problems like gum bleeding, plaque and sensitivity. This can restrict pregnant women to avoid their favorite food even after the birth of their babies due to dental problems. In short, life will never remain as enjoyable as present days. Therefore, it’s recommended that pregnant women should consistently visit Cosmetic dentist in Coral Gables.

For those women looking for a trusted dentist, our best advice is to contact, which we consider one of the best dentist clinics in Coral Gables.

Diagnosis and quick recovery from Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is a term referring to a form of temporary weakness and paralysis of the muscles on one or sometimes both sides of the face. It can happen to anyone but people in their 40’s are at higher risk of getting it. Usually it appears suddenly, overnight. The symptoms often make people think they had a stroke. The exact causes of Bell’s palsy are not known but it seems like it takes place when the nerves that control facial muscles are swollen. It has been associated with several conditions like stroke, Lyme disease, viral infections, flu or brain tumors.

Bell’s palsy face

Usually people recover spontaneously and achieve normal or near to normal functions. 10 days after the onset people show signs of improvement even without treatment. In many cases people cannot close the eye in the affected side. In this case they must protect the eye from drying up or else it could result in permanent damage of the eye and impaired vision.

The first symptoms if you get Bell’s palsy are paralysis and weakness on one side of the face. Most probably you won’t be able to fully close one eye. But there might other symptoms might include pain in or behind the ear, facial pain, no tears in one eye, altered sense of taste, heaviness or numbness in the face, altered sense of taste and dryness in one eye. Symptoms usually appear at once and it might be difficult for you to talk.

Anyway, if you experience progressive or steady paralysis you should be worried because it is not a sign of Bell’s palsy and it could be something worse. Over a few weeks or months, about 80% of the patients recover completely. There a few people who don’t recover completely and are left with symptoms such as asymmetrical smile, corneal damage, impaired speech and impaired taste. The most serious complication seen in a minority of Bell’s palsy cases is permanent mild facial paralysis.

Bell’s palsy is diagnosed by ruling out other possibilities. It is a diagnosis of exclusion. There is no cure for Bell’s pals as it usually resolves on its own. But to reduce long term nerve damages you should be diagnosed within 72 hours and get proper treatment. Doctors usually recommend treatment with anti-viral medications (valacyclovir or acyclovir) and corticosteroids. Antiviral medications are not very helpful when used alone but they can be effective when used along with prednisone. But more studies and research are necessary to clarify the role of antiviral medication.

I Nice Video Showing Recovery of Bell’s Palsy

Many people resort to alternative medicine, most often acupuncture is said to help. But because the actual studies are of low quality the efficiency of acupuncture remains unknown. Sometimes unusual food cravings occur and it’s OK to follow them especially fats as they are necessary for nerve repair. Also massaging the affected side of the face is recommended. The biggest problem in Bell’s palsy is the eye that won’t close. That eye needs special attention and special protection. The eye might not produce tears and remain open for about a week. Special lotions, eye drops and eye patches are recommended or else it might result in long term damage of the cornea and impaired vision.

For a fast recovery you will need specialized assistance of a neurologist in aventura florida.

How to Keep your Kidneys Healthy

The kidneys are two small organs located just below the rib cage, toward the back. While they are only about the size of a closed fist, they perform a big job. The kidneys are responsible for maintaining fluid balance in the body and cleansing the blood of toxins.

They are also tied to the release of certain essential hormones. When the kidneys begin to fail, there are usually very few signs apparent. It is not until kidney disease becomes severe that symptoms are experienced. Learn the steps you can take to keep your kidneys healthy.

Know your Risk

According to the National Kidney Foundation, 26 million US citizens are affected with CKD (chronic kidney disease). It has become an epidemic in the US, causing loss of function and life. There are several risk factors to be aware of.

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  • Family history
  • Those older than 60

Some secondary risk factors are obesity, autoimmune conditions and infections present in the urinary tract and throughout the body. If you are at risk for kidney disease, you should ask your doctor about tests to monitor the kidney function.


Steps to Maintain Kidney Health

The steps to maintain kidney health will provide health benefits to your whole body. Talking to your doctor or health professional will ensure that you are making the changes that are the best for your health circumstances.

  • Manage diseases and conditions. By keeping your diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease well-managed, you can decrease your risk for developing kidney disease. Controlling your blood sugar levels and taking all medications as they are prescribed are smart choices. Monitor blood pressure and report elevated readings to your doctor.
  • Healthy Eating. A healthy and well-balanced diet provides adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Decreasing fat intake will help lower cholesterol levels and assist in preventing a decrease in blood flow to the kidneys. Decrease salt use to help control blood pressure-make your goal less than 2300 mg daily.
  • Control or Lose Weight. Obesity leads to high blood pressure, which causes damage to the kidneys. Work with your doctor to lose weight in a healthy manner, if needed. If you are already at your ideal weight, regular exercise and a healthy diet will help you stay there.
  • Stop smoking. The use of cigarettes is linked to a worsening of kidney damage.
  • Limit Alcohol. Alcohol is a toxin that the kidneys remove. Too much alcohol causes their workload to increase.
  • Hydrate. Staying well-hydrated helps your kidneys function better.
  • Over the Counter Medications. Do not use OTC painkillers or anti-inflammatories more than is recommended. Over-use of these types of medications has been linked to kidney damage.
  • Get Educated. If you are at risk or have a family history of kidney disease, learn all you can about kidney disease.

Knowing your risk factors, controlling weight and following a healthy lifestyle are the first steps to keep your kidneys healthy. Talk to your doctor if you are at high risk for developing kidney disease.

Causes of acoustic neuroma & Measures To Take

The cause of acoustic neuroma is not exactly known. It’s as a result of nerve cells growing uncontrollably. As the Acoustic Neuroma tumor (AN) grows, it exerts pressure on the balance and hearing nerves leading to hearing loss on one ear, ringing also called tinnitus inside the ear and loss of balance or dizziness.

As the tumor enlarges, life sustaining functions are compromised as it exerts pressure on the cerebellum and the brainstem. Unilateral Acoustic Neuroma claims about 8 percent of all tumors developing inside the skull. Unilateral ANs aren’t hereditary.

What Experts Have to Say About Acoustic Neuroma

Some theories had earlier suggested the tumors have originated around the acoustic region. But, later on medical experts found the tumor to exist in the 8th cranial nerve, after which they called it the Vestibular schwannoma.

The tumor usually starts small and grows at a gradual pace. In the US alone about 3000 people are diagnosed with the condition each year. 1 in every 100,000 people globally suffers from acoustic neuroma and it affects either sex but most common in older adults.

There exists one known cause of acoustic neuroma which is a genetically passed on disorder known as the neurofibromatosis 2. Neurofibromatosis 2 (NF2) presents an unusual disorder and only accounts for just 5 percent of all acoustic neuromas. This means that most of them occur in sporadic form. However doctors are not sure what leads to the sporadic form.

This very unusual condition disposes individuals who later develop the benign tumors in separate cranial nerves but most specifically on the vestibulocochlear nerve. It is important to note that vast majority of such tumors occurs unexpectedly and usually appear in individuals with no history of the condition in the family. Scientists are still to understand why certain individuals acquire these tumors. Other risk factors can be being subjected to loud noises; the thyroid benign tumor also called parathyroid neuroma as well as being exposed to low radiation levels during childhood.

Because the tumor has an effect on the ear-brain link, loss of hearing is inevitable. The tumor usually exerts pressure on the part that aids hearing and the brainstem. If the tumor enlarges and presses on the brainstem more, the circumstances can be fatal. Many acoustic neuroma cases have been described to be really slow with the growth process lasting even for decades.

The major disadvantage is that patients may not easily take notice of the signs and symptoms may be until the condition gets out of hand.

If you think you are on the situation will be nice you get fast and easy assistance from an specialist and get the answer you are looking for without leaving home by visiting: or any other ask a doctor online website out there.

It is highly advisable that those people between the ages of 30 to 60 needs to start undertaking diagnostics regardless if they have the symptoms or not. It is very possible that the tumor can remain still without any symptoms.

Acoustic Neuroma presents a condition that is quite hard to detect or diagnose because the symptoms can really take a long period to be visible and are usually comparable to common ear problems. Acoustic neuroma just like any other tumor condition needs to be checked and not to be mistaken for hearing problems.

Anemia During Pregnancy – Protecting The Baby Inside

anemia During PregnancyAs specified by the World Health Organization, anemia in a pregnant woman is when the value of Hb (hemoglobin) within the blood is smaller than 11g/100ml.

It is quite usual for women to acquire iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy as well as after it. This is on account of the paucity of the mineral known as iron which is essentially needed by the body to generate RBCs.

Females are normally used to a regular loss of around thirty milligram (30mg) of iron each month, on account of the monthly menstrual cycles. This simply means that they need more or less one milligram (1mg) each day in excess of their normal daily requirements; that simply conveys the fact that they have a usual requirement of thirty-five milligram (35mg) per day.

When the same females become pregnant, their iron requirement jumps to twice the amount of their normal prerequisite. This twofold iron is utilized for the construction of hemoglobin in the blood of the mum as well as the fetus. While anemia could be secondary to various reasons yet in a pregnant female it is usually due to iron deficit.

What really happens is that throughout pregnancy, the quantity of blood escalates by forty percent and her RBC mass increases too. This intensification in the quantity of blood is vital to provide the essential nutrients for the correct growth of the fetus and the placenta as well as to accommodate the blood loss that is going to occur at the time of childbirth.

Though extra hemoglobin is produced in mum’s body yet the fetus itself also produces hemoglobin for its blood. As a normal routine, the need for iron is the greatest during the second and the third trimester of pregnancy.

Anemia during pregnancy usually results in:

  • Raised threats of untimely birth
  • Curtailed development of the fetus

A pregnant woman should adopt measures to prevent anemia during pregnancy.

For this purpose, she should ensure that she holds as much as necessary iron in her blood, to carry on a healthy pregnancy because anemia can produce problems during pregnancy as well as all the way through the child birth process; these problems could be in the form of:

  • Hemorrhage
  • Contamination
  • Tricky process of childbirth
  • Premature birth
  • Many more

Given that it is frequently hard to ingest enough diet that contains iron to fulfill the requirements of the pregnant female’s body so there is no harm in taking a good palatable iron supplement after consultation with a health care provider, who might also advise the intake of vitamin C supplements because the latter facilitates the absorption of iron.

However, the pregnant female should avoid sodas, tea, coffee, antacids etc because these can reduce the quantity of absorbed iron.

The important cure of anemia during pregnancy is to increase the consumption of the following:

  • Green leafy vegetables such as lettuce,spinach,kale, broccoli etc
  • Fruits such as apples, pomegranates,oranges,peaches,apricots etc
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Poultry
  • Lean meat
  • Sea food
  • Fresh raw honey
  • Organic milk

We hope that we have been able to provide you a guideline regarding anemia during pregnancy; however if you have any queries, you are most welcome to ask medical advice from an online doctor.