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Criminal Psychologist vs Forensic Psychologist

Criminal Psychologist vs Forensic Psychologist

Solving the crimes and to assist professional of law enforcement in investigation is the common thing in both forensic and criminal psychology. There are complementary as well as different roles of psychologist in both of these fields.

To create perpetrator’s profile for determining the motive is one of the major duties of a criminal psychologist. To counsel with victims and evaluate a suspect’s mental state is the field of specialization of the forensic psychologists. There are some differences in the specializations of criminal psychologists and forensic psychologists los angeles.

Working with law-enforcement officers, consultants and law enforcement professionals and working with police officers are the works of the criminal psychologists. Working with attorneys, witnesses, victims and offenders is necessary for the forensic psychologists. Some of the forensic psychologists work with same patients. However, some of them face new patients on regular basis.

The forensic psychologist los angeles are quite popular among the different countries of the world. Working in the law enforcement agencies and police departments are included in the duties of a criminal psychologist. The counseling services, anger management and therapy are used to help rehabilitate offenders by the forensic psychologists.

If a suspect is competent to stand trial, they perform mental evaluations for determination. The victims and witnesses are interviewed in the criminal cases. The criminal psychologists use other legal facilities by working at police departments. The crimes against children and women especially in sensitive cases are discussed in the criminal psychology. The forensic psychologists los angeles conduct research and teach in many universities, colleges and government agencies. The advanced way of treating patients is used by a forensic psychologist. They never contact directly with the victims, witnesses, criminals and patients. In this way, they can be differentiated with the criminal psychologists.

The major difference between forensic and criminal psychologist is to deal directly with the victims or criminals. The job of a criminal psychologist is considered as more threatening as compared to a forensic psychologist los angeles. When you decide to go for a career of criminal psychologist, you must be capable to face any situation.

The fearless people are highly considered in the field of criminal psychology. Any professional of criminal psychology must be able to deal with all kinds of criminals. In this way, they can conduct a good interview of any criminal for investigation purposes. All of these discussed points show the difference between a criminal and forensic psychologist.

What is a Forensic Psychologist?

Education Criteria To Become A Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychologists work in legal systems. They usually help physicians and courts in determining the competency for trial, mental state and fair sentencing and other aspects. This is sensitive as well as highly responsible work. That is why for such a job the qualifications and requirements are quite high, the least being a Master’s degree in psychology. This would be sufficient to make you eligible for many job offers. However for ensuring you actually get a job as a forensic psychologist, a Ph.D. or Psy.D (Doctorate in psychology) is highly recommended. This greatly increases employment and salary opportunities.

Another essential component for practicing as a forensic psychologist is a license. A license is obtained by taking exams through the state licensing board of every state. In the USA it is done under the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) in which it recognizes psychologists as specialists and offers certification examination.

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Apart from these to become a successful forensic psychologist having a minor degree/diploma in law would be very helpful. Few of the forensic psychologists have two doctorate, one in psychologists and one in law. Because forensic psychology is a health practice within the legal system and law, some jobs require varying levels of law studies. This is comparatively a new criteria and people aiming to become a forensic psychologist should participate in different legal education programs throughout their careers.

In the start however, a bachelor’s degree in psychology or related area needs to be earned. An accredited institution should always be chosen for this. A doctoral program can be completed after this. Completing doctoral work can take up to four years of graduate coursework. An internship is also required to be completed before graduation.

The license law differs in every state as stated by U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most states however require the forensic psychologists to be licensed. The licensing requirements include a verified doctoral degree, a completed internship and up to two years of professional working the field along with a passed exam of professional practice in psychology.

After completing all this an individual is usually ready to start a successful career in the forensic psychology. Higher degrees and excessive experience can however be continued to be pursued. After this there are always options to get involved in going on research works and working with different assessment studies as a group. Forensic psychologists working in the beginning can also work on training and education basis with different government organizations to gain experience on relatively low wages.